Real Slime Simulator Maker: Dress Up Girl 1.37 APK MOD

September 10, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Real Slime Simulator Maker: Dress Up Girl  – Make slimes with lots of colors, variations, and even unicorn glitters! Our Real Slime Simulator Maker is such a therapeutic & satisfying slime game for kids, especially girls. Create different types of slimes, some of them are really viscous like play dough, some of them have colorful unicorn glitters that are very festive and cheerful. Listen to the satisfying slime sounds as you make slime in this colorful slimy game. Download & play NOW for FREE!

Kids just LOVE Slime games very much! They enjoy the feel & sounds of slime and that’s why there are so many videos about slime for kids. Even adults love the satisfying ASMR sounds and feels of playing with slimes or dough. That’s why Slime Simulator Maker is such a therapeutic Slime ASMR game for everyone. Slime Simulator Maker takes a very simple concept of slime game and expand it beyond other similar slime games. We create so many types of slimes, then we add dressing up and decoration aspect to this slimy game so you or your girls can enjoy dressing up the characters and decorating the slimes and the slime container in any way you wish. What a wonderful game!

Some types of slime houses in our universe: glow in the dark, unicorn glitters, galaxy slimes, ocean slimes, and many more! Explore this wonderful world full of surprises. There are slimes that look like amoebas, viscous like play dough, and many more. Each slime has different recipes and you need to mix the ingredients to create them. So many slimes to explore, so little time. You better start now and delve into this world of slime for kids!

🎵 Satisfying ASMR sounds! Turn up the volume and listen to the satisfying ASMR sounds of your slime as well as enjoy our cheerful background music.
🎀 Play Dress Up! Enjoy dressing up your girl character in various dresses & accessories! Change her outfit as often as you like and try out different combinations.
💝Make Slimes with many variations! Visit each house and try out different types of slimes you can make. Some are viscous like play dough, some look like amoeba, some are full of unicorn glitters. Try out different slime recipes and enjoy the process of making and playing with slimes.
🌻 Play with your slime! Stretch, press, knead, throw, & squeeze your slimes! Enjoy the satisfying slime ASMR sounds as you play with your dough.
🌸 Play Daily Spin to get Rewards EVERY DAY! Collect more coins so you can unlock more colors & dresses.
🎁 Store your slimes and decorate the container! Add stickers on the containers to the containers and lids. It’s just so much fun.

Our game is more than therapeutic ASMR Slimy game. We also boost your creativity! Everything is FREE in the game. You can collect your coins to unlock colors or dresses by playing Daily spins and making slimes.

So, are you ready to enter the world of slime for kids & adults? Download & play Real Slime Simulator Maker – Kids ASMR Games & Dress Up Now!
😄😍😚 You enjoy playing the game, we’re busy making your experience better & less bugs! If you caught one, let us know at [email protected] 🌺❤️💛❤️💛



Android 4.1+