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Red Light Green Light APK MOD

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Red light Green light is a thrilling and fascinating 3D simulator based on childhood games, but with a heart-pumping, hand-trembling, breathtaking edition. Inspired by a famous TV series, this simulator guarantees to put yourself into a character in the movie and bring you a realistic shivering experience.
Train an iron heart and fast reflexes, as well as calculating the fastest road with less obstacles to become the first winner to cross the line. Run as fast as you can toward the finish line before your time runs out. You can only move when the green is on, and must stop immediately when it turns red or you’ll face the consequences.
Simple, intriguing, and nostalgic! Play Red Light Green Light now and immerse yourself in the endless dangerous adventure.

– Simple and smooth control, user friendly interface.
– Minimalistic and realistic 3D graphic.
– Haunting music and spiking sound effects make the experience more authentic.
– Easy to play, hard to master!

– The rule of thumb is straightforward: you can move when the green is on, and you must stop when it turns red – if you get caught moving, you will face the consequences.
– Swipe your finger to start running toward the finish line and direct your character to avoid obstacles.
– You only have 60s, so start running as fast as possible while the green is still on and the song is playing.
– Stop immediately when the red turns on, be careful because the song will speed up as the time comes close to an end! Exciting isn’t it?
– You’ll win the level once you cross the finish line. On the other hand, if the doll caught you moving or the time runs out, you will immediately be eliminated.
– Try to become the first person to cross the finish line and survive.

– Minimalistic and realistic 3D graphics of movie inspired, thrilling music and stunning sound effects will give you the authentic experience of the movie.
– Entertain and relive your childhood with a more intriguing addition.
– Planning the strategy, making instant decisions, utilizing your advantages and training an iron heart to help you survive and become the first winner, combining with a bit of surprise element will help boost your blood circulation and train your reflexes at the same time.

Love the movie series and want to experience the adventure yourself? Download Red light Green light and become a character in the series yourself!

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Android 4.4+

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