Ride Out Heroes 1.200000.253299 APK MOD

Ride Out Heroes 1.400018.429042 APK MOD

July 3, 2020 0 By pakadmin

An innovative hero-based battle royale game that’s guaranteed to give you a brand-new gaming experience! Discover heroes with different classes and skill sets that allow you to choose a strategy suits your individual play-style. Team up and fight together via voice chat in a new magical world!

1. Born to be a champion in a magical 3D world
120 Players glide down to explore a magical 3D world with panoramic views, covered in various terrain and flora. You’ll find a tropical desert overgrowing with cacti, palm trees and orcs; a beautiful green forest brimming with human beings; and even a cold, sub-alpine land covered in purple trees and belonging to elves! Enjoy an amazing visual experience!

2. Five heroes that can be freely selected for the first release
Mage, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, and Warrior for you to choose from! Each class has its own unique combination of weapons. Select any skills you like! You can play in any way you want, such as stealth, dash, control and damage! A wide range of tactics and different gameplay modes are guaranteed to give you an extraordinary gaming experience!

3. Unique portable mounts! Become a cute dragon after death! On-the-spot revivals!
Portable dinosaurs, an innovative RPG element, has been added to the game. Getting around will no longer be an issue, as you can summon and gallop on your steed in just one tap! A revolutionary feature for battle royale games. Being KO’d no longer signals the end of the game! You’ll be turned into a dragon and be revived if you can hold out a little longer! More fun features like “hide-and-seek” are also available. Beware of stones and chopped wood. They might be your “enemies” in disguise!

4. Make a wish in a Sanctuary to get epic equipment! Enjoy diverse creative features!
Equip new equipment received from making prayers and forge legendary items. Build defensive structures in an all-new sandbox game mode, and enjoy intense conflicts with your friends. With hundreds of different tactics at your disposal, and all-round freedom of play, it’s time to try a brand-new battle royale experience!

5. Revival: Awaken your teammates at the Goddess Statue
It’s a miraculous thing to revive your teammates! Many Goddess Statues can be found on the map, awaiting your visit. Once your teammate is killed, pick up their Essence and escort it to a Goddess Statue within a certain time. After you make a wish, your teammate will be revived and able to fight with you once again!

6. Relics: Help you dominate the battlefield!
Lucky Gloves and Magic Windbells. Relics with all kinds of effects are hidden on every corner of the map, waiting for you to find them! Collect these Relics by starting matches, praying in the Sanctuary, and killing enemies! Enhancement, defense, regeneration, displacement and other great attributes will help you become the king of the battlefield!
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