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RPG イルーナ戦記オンライン(Iruna Online)












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※本アプリはAndroid OS 4.0以上でのプレイを推奨しています。
all played 1,000 million people in the world MMORPG
RPG Iruna Senki online (Iruna Online)

Full-scale online RPG spell in 160 episodes or more of the story 100 million characters than the story “Iruna Senki”

◇◇ game content ◇◇

▶ infinite character customization ◀
Let’s make an original character to choose the characteristics of gender, hair styles, hair color, face!
Adventurous career in the favorite occupation from 40 things profession go with the job change system complete the product!
If be worn the outfitted avatar, customize patterns are endless!

▶ best companion with us together in the adventure ◀
Also formidable enemy can not win alone, battle together teamed up to four people party!
Enjoy the conversation gathered in up to 100 people of the guild, Dari challenged the mighty boss with everyone in the channel raid Battle –
Embark on an adventure together with the whole country of comrades! (Solo play also enjoy)

▶ leisurely ◀ only of the island yourself
Customize at a variety of objects to their “island”!
Or go to the island of friends, enjoy the “fishing” and “cultivation” in their own island.
Send a relaxing time sometimes forget the adventure!

▶ pet trying to journey together ◀
Or Drops After raising the bait, me or fought together partner!
Tempered by the training, let me remember the skills, Grow to rely on buddy!
New strong pet egg birth and the synthesis of pets and pet …! ?

▶ not play end much adventure ◀
One after another to be added story, boss rush to Lien Chan with the boss, the channel raid to challenge everyone, try their own power “permanent Labyrinth,” “gods of the tower.” –
Until the events of the season, enjoy a variety of content!

◇◇ story ◇◇

Ancient, fantasy world Iruna, which was created by the gods called Iruna 12 God.

From the strife of the great gods to each other, the current Iruna world four races of the State of Hume Deal Hercule elves compete for hegemony.

Your adventure begins here –

© ASOBIMO, Inc. All rights reserved.


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【Contact Us】
If you would like to contact your requests and problems, etc., the title menu “to shop”> the bottom of the page of the application, please contact us from the inquiry form. Contact us from the contact form we will give priority support.

[Character migration between Android devices]
The Android version of “Iruna Senki online”, it is user authentication using the “Google Account”.
Continue in the following cases by performing a Google account settings will be available to continue the game of account information (character data, and the like).

– due to the model change “synchronization of account information to the new Android terminal”
, Repair, or replacement of your device due to problems such as failure of the terminal, or from such as the initialization of the terminal “Restoring the account information.”

▶ Please check here for account management.


Please use on the agree to the terms and conditions that are always posted on the official website ※. It considers who agree to the terms at the time of the available apps.
※ This app is recommended for play on Android OS 4.0 or higher.