Save the Earth Climate Strike 1.2.016 APK MOD


Save the Earth Climate Strike 1.2.016 APK MOD Save the Earth Climate Strike  –

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Save the Earth Climate Strike 1.2.016 APK MOD

Screenshot of Save the Earth Climate Strike

Save the Earth Climate Strike APK MOD Download 1

Save the Earth Climate Strike is the first educational game on ecological topic for kids and adults. Get a close look at actual ecologic problems, their causes and initiative people from all over the world who are saving our planet from an ecological disaster.

How to play:
The player’s goal is to stabilize ecological situation on the whole planet on early stages. And then step by step restore and improve eco-situation of the Earth. In the end of your game you will get your statistics on how successful your mission was. Each step leads to different consequences, you have to make thoughtful actions and fast.

Features of this strategy education game app:
✅ Study specifications of regions and their exact problems!
🌱 Track eco-situations of the Earth’s regions!
🌿. Integrate ecological projects!
🦸‍♀ Send volunteers for help saving forests, animals and oceans!
🌊 Fight negative ecological aspects: poachers, trawlers, smugglers!
🌪 Overcome the devastating consequences of disasters!
♻ Encounter new green technologies!
🌳 Choose your strategy for save the planet!
✍🏻 Educational game for boys and girls, children and adults, all ages!
🌲 Save the forest, ocean, animals and any population!
🚨 Do not allow poaching!
⛰ Protect Sandbox Eco-Systems!
🌏 Save our world!
☝🏻 Education game for kids on ecological topic!
👍🏻 Play offline without internet

Share this app for your friends and we can save the earth together!
You will try on a role of a saving planet fund. Get engaged with the activities which will affect the Earth’s future. Research, think, make your choice and see your results. Save our home and its inhabitants!

Go to our website to learn more about our goals:
Take part in saving our planet together with us!
Save the planet with WWF and GreenFirst!

• Added 17 events with information on animal welfare in cooperation with WWF Russia
• User interface improvements
• Localization fixes
• Game balance tweaks



4.4 and up