Slime Maker Factory: Rainbow Slime DIY Jelly Toy 1.0.10 APK MOD

September 23, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Slime Maker Factory: Rainbow Slime DIY Jelly Toy  –

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Little boys and girls are you exited to play new factory games and ready to build slime factory for fairy princess in the town of slime games? But you don’t know how to make slime in slime making games? No problem, we bitsy studio are offering slime maker factory: rainbow slime DIY jelly toy for you to squeeze DIY slime, which is the sweet combination of slime maker games and slime jelly games. Learn how to make slime in toy jelly games and carefully operate fluffy slime maker in slime factory to make sweet jelly toys having some squishy glitter slime features with different type of shapes in DIY slime making game. The six gallon slime maker game will teach you the whole process of making squishy slime in this slime factory with shampoo, shaving foam, washing detergent, glue, gelatin and water.

Slime Games Factory: Rainbow Slime DIY Jelly Toy Story Line

Get ready to create homemade slime in this slime factory of slime games like a professional factory worker to help the fairy princess and be the factory tycoon by learning how to make slime DIY in the slime making games. The six gallon slime making first step is to add all the fluffy slime jelly ingredients like water, shaving cream, washing powder, glue and spray all in slime jelly games. Mix the glitter slime in the mixer machine of the factory area and squeeze it, shake and blend the squishy glitter slime mixture well in the automated blender machine of slime factory. Now the fluffy and sticky slime is ready to convert in to different shapes like slimy heart, stars, bunny and many more in six gallon slime simulator. Add the slimes jelly in different molds to build shapes and add rainbow glitter to create it more shinny and bright jelly. The last step is the packing of slime jelly in the packaging department of the slime factory. After packing DIY slime clay in the jelly toys boxes. Now load the slime jelly packed cartons through fork lifter on the exporter truck and deliver dark slime boxes to different toy shops, supermarkets and shopping malls to earn dollar cash. Now play this slime games for girls and enjoy real simulator of slime making in the slime factory and enjoy to play and make clay toys of different shapes. This DIY slime maker game is the best clay making games for girls.

Slime Maker Factory: Rainbow DIY Slime Jelly Toy Features
• Learn how to make slime DIY jelly
• Add the borax powder with oil, glue and spray with some water in the mixer machine
• Add different bright colors like red, orange, green into the blender
• Now operate the blender and add mixture of dark slime clay in the molds
• Six gallon Jelly toy is ready to pack and deliver to different toy shops
• Exciting mini games like slime jelly collection in jelly bowl of fluffy slime maker
• Realistic 2D graphics and fun sounds in DIY slime making game


Android 4.1+