Slingo Garden – Play for free 1.8.18 APK MOD

September 8, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Slingo Garden – Play for free  – Play Slingo Garden for free – Download now!

In our game Slingo Garden, you’ll have the opportunity to establish and then improve upon your very own magnificent garden! From dreamy fruit fields to noble pavillions. You don’t even need to have a green thumb for all that here, but rather just a quick forfinger! Slingo Garden combines relaxing garden construction with slot gaming and Bingo action in a supercreative manner. Simply spin the reels, discover fruits symbols located next to each other, and then connect the right symbols to collect bundles of Slingo coins!

If a symbol you are currently looking for shows up on the Bingo ball located at the upper portion of the screen, then you’ve gotta be quick! If you’re then able to place the sought after symbol on the line while the matching Bingo ball is still visible, then we’re talking BINGO! Once you manage to get all of the sought after symbols, you’ll move up a level and earn even more shiny Slingo coins.

Whether it’s a greenhouse, flowerbed or luxury fountains – with the Slingo coins, you can improve your garden step by step and purchase a whole bunch of cute decorations. Thanks to clever booster packs, you’ll even be able to freeze time while hunting down the desired symbols and unlock extra Bingo balls. That will allow you to rake in even more Slingo coins for your personal garden project!

Is your garden something special? Then show it to all your friends at Facebook and chill out on your sunbed with a game of Slingo Gardens! There’s no time like the present, so head out into the nature and hit those reels!

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What’s new in 1.6:
– Introducing Slots 2.0! Try the hugely improved slots action.
– All new levels provide more variety and challenge than ever!
– Better, more frequently updated events.
– Many UI improvements.
– The usual bug fixes.



Android 5.0+