Star Battlefield: RTS Game 2.2.1 APK MOD

September 27, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Star Battlefield: RTS Game  – Star Battlefield: RTS Game is a real-time strategy game for mobile devices. When you play it for the first time, you will find it so special and interesting. In this game you can directly control the troops in real time, build a base, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense on the battlefield.
The game features:
-Fast-paced real-time strategic PvP battles.
-Thousands of players online from all over the world!
-Very simple and effective control system. You can control your troops, even each unit directly.
-Various units and tactical skills allow you to invent different winning strategies.
-Each combat unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to change your tactics according to your opponents at any time.
Star Battlefield: RTS Game adopts “free download + in-game purchase” pattern.
Let us start our journey, commanders!
1. Add Facebook login
2. Added 2 2v2 battle maps
1. Adjust the HP of the main base to: 3600|3878|4232|4662|5168|5750|6408|7142|7952|8838|9800|10838
2. The main base attack is adjusted to: 70|78|87|96|106|116|126|137|148|160|172|184
1. Select optimization in the input box
2. Matching optimization



Android 4.1+