SuperCity: Build a Story 1.19.0 APK MOD

SuperCity: Build a Story 1.33.1 APK MOD

September 30, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Have fun and bring your most ambitious architectural dreams to life!
Build everything you’ve ever wanted! Over 1000 UNIQUE BUILDINGS and decorations will help you create your very own SuperCity. Cozy coffee shops, luxurious villas, splashing fountains, playgrounds and lots lots more!

There’re always lots to do at the Mayor’s office:
✿ Build beautiful homes for your citizens
✿ Organize filming a reality TV show
✿ Make friends with Superzilla and her adventurous little boy
✿ Help aliens repair their spaceship
✿ Arrange a beach volleyball tournament
✿ Harvest crops of exotic fruits on the farm
✿ Visit your friends
… and plenty more!

Transform your little town into a shining megapolis and share the secrets of your success with your neighbours!

Special features:
✿ beautiful graphics with great colour and style
✿ over 1000 unique buildings and decorations
✿ charismatic characters and fun quests
✿ real-life monuments to decorate your town
✿ you can play with friends and help each other out

Please note: You can play SuperCity for free but some items require payment.

Make your town a dreamworld for shopaholics, foodies, and party people
SuperCity always has something fun to do! Join in!
The most exiting events are hapening amidst the summer!

Each Mayor now has his own 📘 City Journal!
✨ Get stickers for the most important landmarks of your city
✨ Earn unique rewards for completing the journal
✨ Gather the ultimate collection of stickers!

🎉 The holidays continue!
🎢 Start to build your own theme park from July the 6th
🎂 Celebrate the game’s birthday during the event helt from the 19th of July

The new reward window