Taboo World English Mod 1.6.0 APK MOD

Taboo World – English 1.5.4 APK MOD Taboo World – English  –

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Taboo World – English 1.5.4 APK MOD

A fun taboo game that you can easily play with your family or friends.
In the game
-More than 25.000 words
-8 Language (Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish)
-Round Time (1-10 Minute)
-Skip Limit (0-∞)
-Score Limit (25-150)

you can change it.

Taboo World is not associated with Hasbro or Hersch and Company’s Taboo, Tabou, Tabu, Tabù, Tabuh, or any other variants of the Taboo products, registered trademarks.
– Bug Fixes!
– Performance Improvements!
– Have fun!



Android 5.0+