Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks, take care 0.6.7 APK MOD

Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks, take care 0.6.7 APK MOD Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks, take care  –

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Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks take care 0.6.7 APK MOD

Talking Kittens, cats that can speak and repeat what you say.
Is a free game very realistic virtual pet, done in 3d which is able to repeat what you say with a funny voice. It is also a virtual pet you have to care and feeding. The cat that speaks is cute and realistic!
Now with Augmented Reality! to see your cat in the real world.
Select a kitten, give it a name and play. You can take care of the kitten and anytime you can change your appearance and name.
You can take pictures to use as wallpaper or share with friends.
Your kitty can play with the bugs on the floor.
You must care and feed. Occasionally needs a good bubble bath.
The bathroom is the most spectacular moment, you’ll see authentic foam and bubbles. If the cat was dirty, as you rub will go running clean.
Play and touch your kitten so that it is not sad.
Talk with kitten pressing the microphone button.
Earn points minigame to buy food and accessories for your kitty.

You can feed your kitty with milk, food or treats.
You can talk to the kitten and he responds like so funny
The kitten gets fat or thin realistically.
If the cat is dirty, you can bathe with lots of foam and many bubbles will be made.
You can take a picture at any time.
Visit the store to buy food and accessories. Points can be earned by playing.
Includes card game ‘Memory Kitty’ to earn points and expedite the mind.

This app includes advertising to support the developer, try not very invasive.
Advertising can eliminate buying premium account by clicking on the button ‘No ads’.

If you need to buy many items, you can purchase 50000px and equip your kitten.



Android 4.1+