VatAlert 3.0.8 Rel APK MOD

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VatAlert 3.0.8 Rel APK MOD

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Flight Tracking…
You are half way through your 4 hour on-line flight from LGAV to EGGL. There has been no ATC available and you decide to leave the room to grab a bite. As soon as you leave your cockpit, ATC comes online. You get contacted via private message, but no answer. You finally get back to your cockpit, you see the message and you get back to the ATC. “I called you 25 mins ago, you are now leaving my airspace”.

Let this happen no more! With this simple app, you provide your callsign and you get notified as soon as you enter an ATC controlled area, or as soon as you approach one. You can specify the vicinity to the controlled area that you want to get notified (default 20nm). The application works with VATSIM data servers.

Note that the application WILL NOT NOTIFY YOU OF STAFFED AIRPORT POSITIONS since you are expected to be in the cockpit during decent and departure.

ATC Tracking
You feel like flying today but you would fly from your favorit airport with online ATC. You do not need to keep checking for when the ATC will become online anymore. Just enter the ATC that you want to be notified about when it become online and you are done. Alternatively, you can enter the starting few letters of the ICAO and you will be notified about all matching stations as they become online (e.g. LG matches LGAV_APP, LGAV_TWR, LGGG_CTR, LGTS_APP etc.)

A note of caution: Vatsim Code of Conduct, allows for up to 30 mins absence from the cockpit if a good reason exists. It is the responsibility of each pilot to follow the Vatsim rules.

Future enhancements can be found and voted for in
Post problems at [email protected]

Official Google+ Page is VatAlert
Major release. Updated the app to work with the new Vatsim data format. The old format has been removed and the application was not working. Now it should work fine.
Updated the app database with the latest FIR, ICAOs and Airports database.
Migrated to new Google Crashlytics API.



Android 4.4+