Wild Sky TD Tower Defense Kingdom Legends in 2021 1.53.5 APK MOD

Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom 1.39.8 APK MOD Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom  –

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Wild Sky TD Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom 1.39.8 APK MOD

A Strategy Tower Defense game with RPG style beauty! Jump in and join the TD in action!

The Wild Sky calls to you! Discover a variety of strategies, heroes, towers, and magic you can’t find anywhere else!

Build your own deck strategically to defend the kingdom against invading monsters!

Form your Strategy!
Solve unique puzzles in this real-time 3D strategy rpg game!

Upgrade your decks!
Gain levels and skills to take on more formidable foes! Awaken amazing power and devastate the opposition!

Defeat your enemy!
Become a legend at this strategy game! Master new tactics as you deploy heroes, towers, and spells together to outplay your enemies!

Collect great reward!
Defend the mines and unlock ever greater wealth! Fight in events and tournaments for rewards and glory!

Embark on adventure!
Visit steampunk islands and medieval fantasy kingdoms of danger and wonder! The wild skies are waiting for you!

Play with friends!
Join a guild and take down powerful bosses with unique strategy! With great risk comes great rewards!

★ Many game modes: PvE quests, daily trials, tournaments and asynchronous Coop and PvP events!
★ 1500+ action-packed tower defense maps, absolutely free!
★ Stunning 3D graphics!
★ Upgrade Towers, Heroes, and Spells to unleash their hidden potential!

You will definitely love this epic tower defense strategy game!
Hotpot’s Cook-off
Explorers of the Deadwood Desert have recently uncovered a hyper-fertile crater now known as the ‘Cradle of Giants’. Whomever can harvest the best ingredients to cook the tastiest dish will win our Grand Prize: access to the Temple of Ooze card, alongside various other boons. Be sure to bring proper cooking supplies, a fire, and a way to survive the giant creatures roaming the zone!



Android 4.4+