Taxi Run 1.11 APK MOD

Taxi Run 1.27 APK MOD

September 29, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Breakneck speed to get your adrenaline pumping!
Hop in the driver’s seat and floor it!
In Taxi Run your mission is to get your passenger from point A to point B.
Sounds simple, right? Real simple. If only there weren’t obstacles all over the place!
You have to share the road and dodge railway crossings with speeding trains, semi trucks loaded down with ice cream, annoyingly long limousines, huge trucks and cars of all sizes.
Dodge vehicles, dart between trains, and maneuver your way out of all kinds of sticky situations!
Choose your car from tiny trucks to race cars, and speed through all sorts of
different maps!
Got a need for speed?
It’s pedal to the metal in Taxi Run!

Why you’ll love Taxi Run:
– Easy controls
– Fun objectives
– Cool graphics
– Simple interface
– Heart-pumping action

How are you doing, Drivers?!
You have not delivered all the passengers yet, and we already have a new update!
– Added a variety of different levels!
– Corrected prices for all cars!
– Optimized and fixed bugs!
Good luck on the roads!