TenTen – multiplay party mini game 2.8.44 APK MOD

TenTen – multiplay party mini game 2.8.44 APK MOD TenTen – multiplay party mini game  –

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TenTen – multiplay party mini game 2.8.44 APK MOD

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‘Ten Ten’ is a multiplayer competitive game that can be enjoyed by any number of people at any time and anywhere.

Have fun with your friends, family, and colleagues.
We provide the best fun with very simple motion.

Game features
1. Easy room creation & entrance
Unlike existing games, you can quickly enter the room simply by scanning the QR code.
2. Multiple players can participate
It is a game that allows you to access several people in real time with friends around you and rank them on the spot.
3. Various games
You can play a variety of games, from games that can only be done with one smartphone to multiplayer games that can be enjoyed by multiple players at the same time.
We offer a variety of styles of games, including active games, games that require instantaneous power, and hit and miss games that you can enjoy with your friends.
4. Ranking/statistics system
Through the top 100 ranking for each game, it stimulates the competitive power so that all players can see and challenge the scores of the top players.
In addition, it shows data by showing how much the player himself has played.

Internet connection and login required to play the game.
Camera control is required to enter the room.

Tenten’s participation in the game is protected by the patent below.
[Application No.: 10-2016-0102819]
[Application: Online group creation method and program using offline identification code]

For game related inquiries, please contact customer service.
[email protected]
Fixed a problem that could not be installed in Android version 12.



Android 7.0+

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