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The Shadow Archer 1.4.0 APK MOD

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Archer hides his body 3 – Shadow Archer
It is a game introduced to popular YouTube in Korea, such as Djeroso game TV!!

◆ Game Introduction ◆

■ Evolution of endless archers with various reinforcement systems!
Bow, arrow, archer, critical, critical, evasion, recovery, etc.
Prepare a hardened and evolved system with no visible end!

■ Become the strongest archer and endlessly challenge your limit through pvp!
Get the ultimate spot through a fierce pvp battle!
By strengthening and evolving your equipment, you can become stronger in pvp warfare.

■ Colorful sagittarius passive and arrow effect system!
You can wear effects you want (archer passive, arrow passive, etc.).
No matter what effect you wear, the best specs will not change.

■ The development team wants users and developers to communicate with each other and develop into the game they want.

■ If you get hung up, leave the RPG (?) !! The archer hid himself. 3. Shadow Archer! Grow archers and arrows! Download it now!
1) 시스템 환경개선
– 기타 유저건의사항 적용
– VIP회원 관리서비스 적용

2) 컨텐츠 보강
– 궁수패시브 4단계 추가
> 기존 12LV –> 수정 16LV

– 화살 24단계 추가
> 기존 96LV –> 수정 120LV

3) 보안
– 해커 보안 강화