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Three Kingdoms Mahjong 16 3.4 APK MOD

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The story is happening in the age of Three Kingdoms in China. You are a general of the world. For victory & honor, you must join the Three Kingdoms Mahjong 16 championship competition. No game, no survival! Defeat your opponents by your own unique Mahjong skill. Attractive story modes bet you more excited & more interested. Can you win the game? Try it now!
The traditional Taiwan 16 tiles Mahjong game will be played with 16 tiles (include flowers / seasons bonus tiles), and you can win a hand just by taking 5 sets of runs (a sequence of three numeric tiles of the same suit) or triples(three identical tiles) and 1 pair of any tile. Therefore it is very easy to play for Mahjong beginners.
※Now, this game supports the Traditional Chinese language only.
1. Fixed some bugs.



Android 4.2+