Tiny Fantasy Epic Action Adventure RPG game Mod 0.153 APK MOD


Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game 0.48 APK MOD Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game  –

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Tiny Fantasy Epic Action Adventure RPG game 0.48 APK MOD

Hello Adventurer!

Tiny Fantasy is the most fun Hack & Slash free action adventure RPG game!

Join the epic fantasy adventure, play the free RPG game with just one hand anywhere, anytime.
The innovative combat system allows you to perform combo attacks and spells with easy swipes and taps! Combat hordes after hordes of monsters with swords, arrows, or magic. KO monsters with powerful blasts or even knock them off the cliff!

Key Features:

🏆 Many heroes to unlock and collect: Choose your own hero archetype to suits your personality and style!

🏆 Create massive explosions to disintegrate monsters: Explore endless possibilities with team buffs and followers’ skills to maximise your chance of survival!

🏆 Select different followers and create skill synergy: You are not alone in this adventure. Recruit up to 3 followers to fight as a team and beat the monsters!

🏆 Use the map to your advantage: Outsmart your enemies with strategies unique to each level. Defeat bosses for rare heroes and followers!

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Facebook: @tinyfantasygame
Twitter: @tiny_fantasy
Download all the data from Google Play Store to prevent loading freezing problem.
Auto logout when multiple device play in the same time.
Better data saving system.
Equipment bugs fixed.



Android 5.0+