Tiny Fighter: Beat ‘Em Up 0.7.22 APK MOD

Tiny Fighter: Beat ‘Em Up 0.7.22 APK MOD Tiny Fighter: Beat ‘Em Up  –

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Tiny Fighter Beat Em Up 0.7.22 APK MOD

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Do you want to be a true warrior to save the world? The fierce battle has already begun, everything is waiting for you!

Don’t hesitate to play the game, your enemies come from all directions. Can you lead your pet to eliminate the monsters, and get the victory? 💂

Tiny Fighter is an adventure game that features taking troops to battle. You are a warrior who leads your tiny pet into battle. Choose your follower to accept the challenge of various levels. Beat powerful monsters to make you and your pet grow stronger!👾

Game Features
Exciting Battle ⚔️
A brave fighter like you must lead your tiny pet to beat a plethora of monsters. When you defeat the boss, you will get rewards such as gold coins 💰, diamonds 💎, and gain empirical value.

Various Fighters 👊
There are many different soldiers and pets to choose from, and they all have different skills. All of you can become stronger through upgrades. ✨More than 40 kinds of pets and equipment are waiting for you to unlock and upgrade.

Easy Controls 🎮
Tiny Fighter is easily controlled while in battle.
-Virtual joystick to control the hero
-Drag to move and release to attack

Colorful 3D Graphics 🎨
Experience the beautiful world inside this adventure arcade game.

Your feedback is important to us, and we would love to hear it! If you have any questions or advice, please send a message to [email protected]
More About Tiny Fighter 🏆

Tiny Fighter is a free-action arcade game. The game is very simple. You can easily operate it with only one finger. Anyone can enjoy this game. 👻

Don’t worry if you don’t have Wi-Fi. You don’t need it to play Tiny Fighter.
In this game, you have to finish the challenge before the countdown, kill the monster, and beat the powerful boss.

This is the only way you can survive in this magical land, defend civilization with your sword, and solve the epic crash of tribes. 🌎

Unlock pets with different attributes, and strategically choose your battle locations. Unleash your skills anytime and anywhere to help you kill the evil boss.

Tiny Fighter is the best action-adventure game. Only you can end this battle! 💗
-New Legendary Roles have arrived.

-Stormblades, Leo, reaps monsters by his twin-blades.
Rage of the Northern Land, Quick, whose blades are the doom of monsters!

-Leso’s new legendary sword——Reece, which enables him to kill monsters by the power of God of Thunder

-All-round update of skills can keep the monsters in the air, and you may ultimately enjoy continuous attack and slash

-Bugs fixed



Android 5.0+

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