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Treasure Hunt | Gps mode | QR codes  – Treasure hunt is a smart-phone based activity game where the players gets out of the smart-phone for most of the time. It is an outdoor game and an indoor game depending on where you hide the clues.
You can use GPS mode while playing outdoor where you would provide GPS location clues and the player would get a Navigator(An arrow pointing to that location) with which he has to find the clue.

So this application is more of a treasure hunt simulator or basically a tool with which you can play treasure hunt is the coolest way possible.

You can also host treasure hunt game as an event in your college culturals or symposiums because it is completely free to download and no further payments inside the app.

And more importantly treasure hunt is not only an on-line(online) game but also an off-line(offline) game where you can use one device to create the clues and the same device to find them. You can find this in “Games On This Device”.

Moreover also in online mode you need internet connection only to download the data from the cloud after that you can cut off the inter-net and play the game off-line(offline).

So……Who Are You?

A. Game Master

B. Player

Do you usually write clues and hide them while playing treasure Hunt? Then you’re definitely a GAME MASTER ! Using this application you can write clues (even very long!) and it gives you codes which you will hide in the places where the clue leads(using hide clues option). Post the game on the cloud and give players, the GAME CODE.

Are you the greatest treasure HUNTER alive? Find it out in Player mode. Get the game code from the greatest Game Masters and start the hunt ! Get placed in the Leader-board
and win prizes from the game masters.

So How To Play?

~First of all grab a pen and a paper to write codes(short codes instead of clues).

~Now open Treasure Hunt and go to Game Master -> Create A New Game.

~Give it a name and select number of clues.

~Now Look around for hiding places (e.g Inside the trunk of the apple tree)

~Make sure you have 5/10 hiding places.

~Now type-in short clues and brief clues to describe those hiding places one by one into the application.

~Either you can provide a custom code (e.g if the clue is like “Call this guy and get his date-of-birth which is the code”)

~Or Random codes will be assigned to later which you can see afterwards.

~At the end you will see all the codes and the clues associated with them.

~Now Go to Saved Games and use the “Hide The Clues” feature to hide the clues in the
hiding places.

~Use paper bits to write the random codes and hide it in the hiding place.

~Once all the clues(codes) are hidden post the game online using the “Post the game
online” button.

~Now you will get a game code which is an unique code for your Treasure Hunt game.

~Give the game code to the player.

~The player again opens treasure hunt in his mobile and goes to Player->Play Online (if you don’t have 2 devices you can also prefer the offline mode i.e., “Games On This Device”)

~Now player enters the game code given by the game master.

~Once the game starts the player will be shown a clue which leads to a hiding place and is asked to enter the code(i.e, the one on the paper bit).

~After entering the code next clue will be shown and by that way the player finally gets the treasure!

~Player can use brief clue but it would cost him 10 points(if points matter!)

And that is all you need to know to play TREASURE HUNT!


GPS HUNT, Navigator, etc!

QR-CODES and QR-CODES scanner
You can now use any of the barcode or qr code as a clue and scan them using our brand new bar code / qr code scanner.
You can also create a game with custom or random codes and then SHARE them using “Share QR – codes” button in saved games which creates qr-codes for all of your codes.

Happy treasure hunting !
Crashes fixed

New Features:
Location clues using google maps
View in map button
QR codes create and print!



Android 4.4+