Unlimited Skills Hero – RPG style 1.2.20 APK MOD

Unlimited Skills Hero – RPG style 1.15.16 APK MOD

September 11, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Indie RPG style game. Pass every stage.Using different skills to save the world.

As a hero, you are not bound by the world. You can learn infinite number of skills. use skills, and save the world!

1, a variety of types of skills, effects by fighting position, add hero’s abilities,effects when attack,effects after the end of the battle,hundreds of skills can be chosen.

2、A variety of heroes.All Heroes can be freely developed. There is no limit at all. Try to create different heroes.

3、Monsters, Upgrades, a variety of Arms, Skills, the features of RPG game are included

4、Battle automatically,don’t need to keep tapping

5、Collect stage treasures to strengthen abilities!

6、No daily tasks, relaxed and stress-free!

Come to create your heroes!
1.Ten new skills
2.You can remove hero’s weapon or armor now
3.Fix bug of explosion of mysterious fog
4.Add New skill you can purchase in the castle
5.Fix bug of arms locking
6.The menu of Skill item can lock item and sell all now
7.Modify the system speed of drawing many heroes
8.Fix bug of showing wrong information when learning skills
9.You can release many heroes at one time now
10.You can press the button for a while to raise abilities now
11.Fix bug of changing team when using skill item