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Warship World War 3.2.5 APK MOD

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This is a large multiplayer military naval battle simulation game. By using the hundreds of battleships that really existed during the Second World War, the player experienced the most authentic and exciting fun of naval battles.

Game Features
• The number of warships is huge, and all of them originate from warships that were engaged in battles in the Second World War between the United States, Japan, and Germany.
• Hot and exciting fighting, up to 7VS7 players.
• Team battle! In addition to fighting with strange teammates, you can also team up with your friends.
• The screen is beautiful and real, each map has its own characteristics
• Extensive training content, players can use the United States and Japan and Germany each type of warship warships through research and development.
• Unique submarine play and interesting aircraft carrier battles allow players to experience all the fun of naval battles.
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Android 4.4+