Word Search Pro Classic – free word searches 1.12.0 APK MOD

Word Search Pro Classic – free word searches 1.12.0 APK MOD Word Search Pro Classic – free word searches  –

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Word Search Pro Classic – free word searches 1.12.0 APK MOD

Word Search Pro Classic is a simple, but challenging, free, word game. Playing this popular type of ‘seek and find’ game is a very engaging way to spend your free time. In the meantime, you will also make good use of your brain 🧠 and perceptivity skills. You can also compare your performance in a hard, daily challenge with an online leaderboard!

Word search puzzle games fan?

If you are a fan of word finder games, then this classic word search is a perfect choice to play in your free time.
When you seek and finally find the word, it will be marked with a nice, colorful line. Each time, when your finger touches the first letter, a new color is chosen. It looks so nice, especially when the free night mode is enabled.

The Word Seek Pro FEATURES

🔠 Search and find countless hidden words
🎮 The classic word seek games for every player
🏆 Daily puzzle challenge with an online leaderboard of pro players
✨ Word finder game with 4 difficulties: easy, normal, hard, and very hard
⏱ Possibility to play with or without the timer
🧩 Hidden words are always randomly chosen. Each puzzle level is generated from scratch. Seek and find words every day!
🏝 Simple and elegant look with smooth gameplay and intuitive interface. Word search pro!
🌃 Night mode

This classic word search game is free. Hundreds of English words are randomly chosen so every time you will have a unique experience.
You can play with or without the timer. This word seek and find game offers 4 different difficulties – easy, medium, hard, and very hard. Each difficulty has a different board size and number of words to find.
If you search for the challenge you have to try hard (or even very hard) difficulty with a timer on or just play online challenge with daily leaderboard 🙂
You can use in-game currency to use hints in case of a problem. By using a hint you will highlight the first letter of a random word on the board in the current word search puzzle level. Coins are also required to play a daily challenge pro. Find every hidden word, then check the online leaderboard! Of course, it’s not necessary and you can also play offline – without wifi.

What exactly is the simple word game? You have to lookup for hidden words on the board, find it, mark it with your finger from the first letter to the last (or opposite). When a swiped word is correct, it will be marked and now you can search for the next one.
While playing, you can see up to 10 words at one time. It means that finding words will be simpler as your brain won’t get distracted by too many elements at once. A simple interface will help you enjoy the words seek games. Just seek and connect the letters to mark words.

I try to add new words every month! If you have any ideas on how to make this ‘seek and find’ game better, contact me, please.
– New animations
– Performance improvements



Android 5.0+

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